MY CHIHUAHUA BITES and other delightful OPI nail colours



You know that moment when you nearly fall right off your chair with laughter? I had one of those when I had my gel nails done at Fairway Spa the other day. Choosing an eye-catching colour for work which is not to vampish or errs on the side of utter dullness, is a difficult task. But one really needs to spruce up the obligatory I–need–to-be-taken-serious-suit, with something sunny and happy. So my eye fell on this gorgeous reddish, tangerine-ish colour – it kind of changes colour or intensity depending on the light or what you wearing.

Anyhow. So I turn the bottle around to tell my nail technician the colour and low behold, its called: My Chihuaha bites. Have you ever. But that is only where the fun began. So the game commenced of turning nail polish bottles upside down and soon I was surrounded with names such as “I’m not Really a Waitress”, “Louvre me Louvre me not”, “Cant find my Czechbook”, “Vampersterdam” and my personal favourite  “Nein. Nein. Nein. OK fine” (a lovely grey colour).

Do visit the OPI  website – it’s hugely entertaining, even if you never get your nails done and just love a good (intelligent) chuckle.  

Allyson Ford spoke to  Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, founder and creative brain behind the wacky names in her blog http://www.divinecaroline.com/beauty/nails/whos-behind-opis-punny-polish-names for those interested in the imaginative story behind it all.



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