What’s more expensive nowadays – a litre of petrol or a red rose for a winter wedding day? Image

I think we are pretty pro-active and on the ball when it comes to marketing and new initiatives at Guvon Hotels. I have a wonderful creative marketing team to thank for this. Imagine my shock, horror and surprise when brides who booked for our winter wedding specials, started moving their dates back into summer months, despite the obvious rate hike. What’s up, I wondered.

Why would anyone who could save up to R15,000 in venue hire and get a chance to do a fireplace, fake-fur winter wedding extravaganza, opt for blistering sun and moody, unpredictable rainy days. The money saved could go a long way in food, drinkies and even a nice honeymoon destination. In my ideal world the JC le Roux could be swopped for Moet Chandon, or a lovely crisp Pongracz, at the very least.

So. Nancy Drew had to do a bit of sniffing around and after chatting to several suppliers, I found the nasty culprit. The one thing brides just feel they cant do without: The fickle flower.

Turns out that not only are the prices hiked (as with Valentine’s), but the supplies are also rather short in winter. Bummer. So all my wonderful winter wedding discounted packages I put together  with much care, is under scrutiny.

After looking around a bit, I found the most amazing decor ideas for winter wedding tables, which have no need or very little need for flowers. Two suppliers we work with regularly were kind enough to share some ideas with us. Visit ChellyB and Cafe Fleurs websites for wonderful ideas and winter packages.

Guvon Hotels offer fantastic winter wedding discounts. For beautiful wedding inspiration, follow the Guvon Hotels Pinterest board. Not only are there wedding décor ideas but also a special board for our grooms! 



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