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Never before has our hotel group embraced a winter charity challenge, like the one knitting itself out in the hotels #atGuvon. Med Lemon thought it would be a good idea to knit a plethora of scarves for school kids in Soweto for the chilly winter days. Not one to shy away from challenges as huge as the building of Noah’s ark, they soon set a challenge/dare system in place.

Low behold, one cold morning a message popped up on the Guvon Hotels Facebook page: Indaba Hotel bets us that we cant knit 100 scarves! Never one to say no to a challenge from a competitor hotel, the game was on. In return, Guvon Hotels challenged Avianto and Misty Hills… and so the battle of the knitting needles began.

With a deadline of mid May looming, hotel staff  are knitting up a navy blue, woolly storm. Our sincere thanks to Askari Lodge & Spa, and especially the manly game rangers and Metro men in reception for embracing this challenge with so much enthusiasm. As they say: “It takes balls to knit!”

Visit our Guvon Hotels Facebook page for loads of fun pics as the challenge unfolds.

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