WHEN TO ASK FOR THAT SALARY RAISE? Visit Kloofzicht Spa on 16 August for the Hormoniously balanced workshop and find out!

Ever wondered when to ask for that long-overdue raise or broach a difficult conversation with a loved one? The answer is during ovulation when you’re giving off pheromones, which make you more attractive, charismatic and approachable.

lady questions


Body Orchestra’s Hormoniously Balanced workshop considers your menstrual cycle, looking at each week in turn and what’s happening in your body. During different times of the month, we can swing from feeling absolutely fabulous to moody and miserable. Why is this and what can you do about it? How can you remain in control over your hormones rather than let them control you?

During this empowering workshop you will learn what’s going on in your body physically, leading to bloating and tiredness and what’s going on emotionally, so you can better stay in control. We look at the foods and exercises most beneficial during each phase of your cycle and how to plan your life around them so you can make the most of your everyday work, life and play. The information you will learn in this one single workshop can literally change your life… we don’t want to sound dramatic but it’s true!



To book: louise@bodyorchestra.co.za | Investment: R550 (includes snacks and goodies) | Cell 082 789 5380

Venue: Kloofzicht Spa (www.kloofzichtspa.co.za)

Date: Saturday 16 Aug 2014

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