The rudeness of Google Calendar

Google calendar

Is it just me or has online activity and social media catapulted us into a era of less common decency that ever before?  A new thing  has been rearing its ugly little head and  I really don’t like it. I get slighty hot under the collar when I get an Google Calendar invite for a meeting  and the person just kind of expects that you will be available (even worse when  someone is trying to sell you something). Surely you only send a Google Calendar invite once you have agreed to a meeting time and it serves as a gentle reminder of the agreement. Don’t be disappointed or surprised if you get a ” meeting declined” in your inbox….

Terri Griffith shares 10 tips for respectful and effective (shared) calendaring:

My favourite one being:

Get an OK before you set the meeting. Don’t book someone else without prior correspondence, unless it is standard operating practice, or the person’s scheduling page says you can.

Happy reading to those who still have manners:


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