Cannabis on the Spa menu for 2015? Spa Trends revealed.

Cannabis in Spas - South Africa

I always keep a close eye on the Spa trends every year.  With four Spas in the Guvon spas portfolio it’s essential to keep up with what is trending in the industry. This year’s list of trends was most interesting. The one that caught my eye straight away was: CANNABIS: New Spa & Wellness Connections

Paraphrasing Spafinder and Les Nouvelles Esthetique’s blogs, the “cannabusiness” is set to reach new heights. Apparently weed is moving from  “dorm room to boardroom”

The Cannabis Trend Highlights as listed in the Spafinder Report include:

  • Cannabis “wellness tourism” packages with spas as centerpiece
  • Non-high-inducing cannabis topicals: from pain-relieving lotions to beauty products
  • Cannabis-branded day spas – and more spas generally using cannabis products
  • More “yoganja” classes
  • Cannabis as super-food: hemp
  • Cannabis dispensaries and clubs adding free massage, yoga, meditation, acupuncture, etc.
  • Traditional medical spas prescribing medical cannabis

Although South Africa probably has a long way to go, Cannabis has been legalised in 23 U.S states with more rolling out. Spafinder reports that over 100 trials on medical cannabis exist (the vast majority positive), with the strongest evidence of benefit for nausea, wasting in AIDS and cancer, epileptic seizures, multiple sclerosis, glaucoma and chronic pain.

According to, massage oils are infused with cannabis (Cannabidiol (or CBD), which helps Spa guests to achieve a deeper mode of relaxation, without getting the therapist or the spa guest high.

Ricardo Baca, editor of The Cannabist, tried the 60-minute Mile High Therapeutic Massage that used a THC- and CBD-infused lotion. He firstly offers a few pre-emptive answers:

 No, I wasn’t high.

I didn’t smoke or vaporize before or after the massage.

And no, the lotion didn’t get me stoned. (That’s not how topicals work.)

“”Infused topicals don’t get you stoned,” Baca explains. “But the best topicals I’ve used have a way of opening up the skin’s sensory profile, like a more nuanced Icy Hot. Rub the topical into the area feeling pain or pressure. Give the topical time to take root. And then gently rub it in, taking time to work the surface skin and the muscles and tendons underneath”.

While the relaxation properties of a  THC- and CBD-infused massage sounds most pleasurable, the jury is out if this Spa trend will waft our way anytime soon. Just a few jumps through legal hoops is all we need. Or do we?

For further (very interesting) reading:

The full Spa Trend 2015 report in DPF format is available from:

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