Chocolate eggs, hot cross buns, Easter egg marshmallows… my thighs grow three sizes just typing these words. For all the banters out there I’ve done some research on banting friendly ideas for Easter, which is from 3 to 6 April this year:

If you are banting, the egg is your friend. In whatever form or shape. So the ideas below is are brilliant, especially of you have kids in the house:

Blackboard chalk eggs:eggs5

A fun project for you and the kids: Although the website recommends that you suck the egg contents out, one could also boil the egg and do the chalkboard paint once it cools, down. Write Easter wishes or decorate with patterns as part of the Easter fun.

Make your own coloured devilled eggs  – this is a colourful addition to the Easter table with the added bonus of being edible!

colored deviled eggs

A Mallow massage and Hot Cross Foot treatment (from Kloofzicht Spa), is very Easter friendly but still pretty guilt-free. Take a quick detour to the specials page on for info and reward that banting body of yours while taking your mind off eating for a few hours.

For some fun Easter decor ideas, do visit the Guvon Hotels Pinterest board  as we get egg-cited about Easter!

For any booking or enquiries, kindly contact central reservations on 08611 48866/

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