Well, famous last word my friends. Off I went to have my non-existing eyelashes be replaced by lashes that would make Bambi proud. Scared out of my wits that I may end up looking like a drag queen, Beverley assured me and lay me down on the Spa bed. A lamb to slaughter I thought.

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While gently applying (as in glue-ing) the eye lashes, Beverley explains the secret to the volumizing effect:  Each “lash” has three little lashes attached to it, giving it the appearance of a feather. The eyelash extensions are made from synthetic micro polyester fiber thread. They are crimp-resistant, bouncy, flexible and weightless. The result off course is a fuller, natural look – volume guaranteed.

The 3D-Beauty eyelash extensions are designed and developed in the USA according to the exceptionally high standards set out by the FDA. It feels soft and natural not only before but also after application.

The products used in the application of the lash extensions ensure that your natural lashes are never damaged or lost. The glue and other products used during the procedure are of an exceptional quality, and cause no discomfort whatsoever. I had a second of mild burning but that passed quickly. Hardly worth a mention. As with all eyelash extensions, maintenance and care will add to the lasting beauty of your lashes.

Was I happy with the results? It sounds pretty self-centered, but every time I went pass a mirror the first day I had to have a look. How wonderful to finally have lashes! My colleague mentioned today that my eyes looked fresh. For a Monday after a rugby weekend, that is a massive compliment and a sure sign of success!

3D-Beauty eyelash extensions are  available from Fairway Spa and brought to you by MatsiMela. Tel 011 478 8000 |



  • You can get away with no eye make up and still look gorgeous. Off course no mascara needed.
  • Be careful who you look at – the new lashes has a serious come-hither factor.
  • You wake up looking beautiful. Your husband notices immediately.


  • Make sure you get the right length. I had 9,10,11 fitted which was almost too long for an everyday look. Size 17 is drag or beauty queen material and not for office use.
  • If you wear glasses, go for the shorter version. The size 11 touched my sunglasses.
  • The process takes between 1h30min  and 2 hours, so make sure you have set enough time aside to look gorgeous.


FIRST TWO HOURS: Do not allow Water to come in contact with your new eyelash extensions for 2 hours after the procedure. FIRST 48 HOURS: Do not sauna or steam bath.


  • Do not use oily products, mascara remover, lash curlers or waterproof mascara.
  • Natural skin oils, rubbing and pulling lashes will shorten the life of the extensions.
  • When your own natural lashes shed as part of the growth cycle, they are replaced with new ones. A refill is recommended to replace the lost lashes at around three weeks.


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