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Dec 16. Dec 24. Jan 1. What do they have in common? Our Spas are open!

Some of the December days before Xmas and between Xmas and New Year seem to drag on a bit. One can only sleep late so many days before you need to venture off for a Spa treat, not true?

Christmas Signature 2015 - Guvon Spas

So here’s the good news: Askari Spa, Glenburn Spa, Fairway Spa and Kloofzicht Spa are all open on the following dates and ready to pamper you:

Dec 16 (bonus: a public holiday before the big summer break)

Dec 24 (an early Xmas gift for someone special?)

Dec 30 (because you can)

Dec 31 (celebrating that you made it through 2015 in one piece)

Jan 1 (being gentle with yourself after a night of festivities)

Please note that Kloofzicht Spa is fully booked with inhouse guests on Jan 1, 2016. Now thats what I call good planning on someones part! For our December festive Spa packages, visit our website:

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