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Perfect proposal spots. Waterfalls and wooden decks.

I can imagine that a bunch of guys are busy giving themselves peptalks, with Valentines just a few days away: “Yes you can do it. Ask her. It’s now or never!” Or perhaps being a leap year the Cinderella slipper is on the other foot. I know a bunch of gutsy girls and I have faith in you: Just do it!

PKP_6747 Glenburn (Medium) - Copy

Glenburn Lodge & Spa has just sent me two beautiful photos – wouldn’t you love to propose on this wooden deck or on the hanging bridge with monkeys chattering in the background and the river murmuring beneath you. Yes, I thought you would like it.

Call Shanè Vermaak on Tel 011 668 1600 – she can make it happen for you!

PKP_6536 (Large)

Glenburn Lodge & Spa is a proud member of the Guvon Hotels & Spas portfolio

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