Kloofzicht Lodge receives a 8.5 rating on the ‘Spruce O’ Meter’:

This week we are featuring guest blogger Ilaria who recently visited Kloofzicht Lodge & Spa in Muldersdrift with her family. Happy reading on the excerpts below and follow the full story on her Blog called Sprucelifestyle:

Kloofzicht-KDBP-37 (Medium) - Royal Suite

As much as beach sand, a cocktail and the sea breeze are amazing, there is something to be said about a cosy winter getaway! A few weeks ago, I experienced exactly that at Kloofzicht Lodge and Spa.

We opted for the set tasting menu for dinner and I am soooo glad we did! Everything was delicious – the presentation was stunning, and I actually overheard that the chef previously worked at Roots Restaurant at the Forum Homini Hotel (which I have heard fantastic reviews about) so it should give you an idea of the quality. At R290 pp, I felt that we got extremely good value.

The fact that the service was EXCELLENT certainly helped too – I have to make mention of all the staff at the venue – they really were exceptional, and something you don’t often see!

Kloofzicht Lodge received a 8.5 rating on the ‘Spruce O’ Meter’:

  • Ambiance: 8.5/10
  • Service: 9/10
  • Cleanliness: 8/10

My overall score for the venue is 8.5/10, which is a clear indication that it is worth a visit.

It especially seems ideal in the winter months; fireplaces in each of the rooms, warm beds and red wine. They are running some winter specials, both for the venue and the spa (sadly we didn’t have enough time to try) – have a look at their website for more info.


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