A Memorable Couple. An Elephant Playground. Forest meets African Bush Fairytale at Askari Lodge.

Billy and Sheree from Compassion Art & Photography recently captured this beautiful wedding of  Sherilee and Michael at Askari Game Lodge & Spa in Magaliesburg. It is my pleasure to share the blog, link and precious photos of this wedding day:


“Sherilee and Michael lives in Beijing and up until the wedding day, we never met, which normally starts out a little awkward. We quickly connected however; Sherilee (also called Sheri) has such a fun loving non-traditional personality! No matter where I pointed my camera, she looked radiant. I guess the artist in me always seek out the unique ones. We just had so much fun!

Her hair and make-up on the backdrop of the lush green forest was such a perfect colour combination that I was doing imaginary cartwheels in my head while retouching!

Michael and I briefly chatted about his work as a teacher in Beijing. Previously being in security and finances, he now has far more value for living in his life. As he said “I now get 30 hugs a day…” His love for Sherilee is so evident in all the photographs, he adores her! And it’s so easy to see why!

We had some pretty harsh African sun to shoot in, but of course Billy quickly whipped up the right technical know-how to avoid blow out areas or harsh shadows.

The highlight of course – the elephants, as they always are! They just amaze me…

“To foreign lands I want to roam

Where Kings and Queens sit upon their throne

And big cats prowl, and wild dogs howl

Where mighty elephants trumpet…”

A Memorable Couple. An Elephant Playground. Forest meets African Bush Fairytale.”

For the full blog and photo gallery please visit: 



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