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The arrival of spring is met with a collective sigh of relief — warmer days, lighter mornings and longer evenings accompanied by pastel blossoms and vivid green foliage.

With the change in season comes the custom of the annual spring cleaning. It’s a perfect occasion to dust off your travel bags so put away your blankets and heaters.

Everyone can agree that we don’t get away enough during the year. I am absolutely convinced that humans are supposed to hibernate or at least some form of it. I know I go through a go slow during winter where you just want to stay indoors and it takes extra will and determination to actually drag yourself to the gym.

But thank goodness for the change in season, when spring knocks on the door I get a sudden spurt of energy. I have energy for days I want to be outdoors and everything that goes with it. I want to rekindle with friends I haven’t seen for 3 months due to hibernation mode. I want to start working on the tan and beach body for December holidays that is 4 months away. So I dust off the running shoes and start doing all the activities possible.

We’ve started looking for places my family and I can go to for a little break, something not too far away from home, but far enough to call it a break. Somewhere where there is enough to do for the whole family. Golf for dad or mountain biking, relaxing next to the pool and spa for mom and some activities for the kids.

mountainbike couple outdoors
This is the only picture I could get. I don’t look this happy on a bicycle.

It is always a bit of a struggle, I love camping and roughing it where the Mrs prefer something more sophisticated and hot running water and electricity to be able to do the hair in the morning. So what do I do? I Work with a plan…

I have a one stop shop where I know I can get something that we will all be happy with. I visit www.guvonhotels.co.za they have something that tickles my fancy as well as something for my better half. I can enjoy camping at Warthogs Bush Camp but might be a little too rough for my wife. What about Bushwillow Tented Camp? That is camping with some glamour and a real bed you can sleep in with electricity and the whole outdoors experience we can enjoy in this gorgeous country. I’ll book this in the meantime.


Oh! , it is our anniversary in October so better look at something fancy to spoil her a little. The Fairway Hotel, Spa & Golf Resort fits the part. I might be able to sneak in a game of golf while we are there or a bucket of balls at the driving range. They make the best cocktails and the Balata restaurant is the best in Sandton by far. But I know she said she went to a conference at Royal Elephant Hotel in Centurion and she couldn’t stop talking about how awesome it was while I tried to watch the game. Let me just check it out. WOW!! it looks fancy; must cost a pretty penny. The rooms are spacious and no cent was spared for the décor. It looks like Morocco but in Pretoria and a lot closer. The pricing is also not bad at all. Let’s give it a try… I think she will loosen the leash for a while and she will make me sound good for a few months.

0126 (Large)

Like I said, so much to offer – the only downside is that it is so hard to choose where to go. But I know she has sneaked in a fly-fishing weekend for me and my boys at Kloofzicht so I can’t complain – this is a two-way battle and I’m winning.

All I can say is make the most of this summer and start on the 1st of September and live and enjoy it to the fullest.

And in case you don’t know what to do or where to go visit www.guvonhotels.co.za you won’t be sorry.

I have to go… I promised to get dinner tonight. Pizza guy is at the gate.

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