People are heard to say that the less time you have to plan a wedding the more likely you are to have an unforgettable wedding. The school of thought of late wedding planning, suggests that this wedding is more about the love and less about the frilly chair covers.

Last minute weddings are both romantic and at the same time hair raising. However, if love and passion are what you are about then late availability weddings might be just what you need and sometimes love just won’t wait!

In this day and age of overblown Kardashian-style opulence, rather concentrate on the aspects of the wedding planning that really matter… a beautiful dress, some seasonal flowers for a stunning bouquet, the rings and of course all of this done in front of your family and friends. Black Eagle Boutique Hotel really can be the romantic backdrop for your late wedding booking to ensure your wedding photographs do the day justice.


In actual fact, Black Eagle Boutique Hotel specialises in late wedding bookings and prides themselves in taking some of the fear away when it comes to late availability wedding planning. They know just what to do to calm couples down that are wondering if there’s too much to achieve in such a short space of time.

Therefore, if you are in love and just can’t wait, or if the moment just feels right and has to be now, then let Black Eagle Boutique Hotel help you arrange your wedding. We are as just as excited as you are at the thought of hosting your wedding day.

Read more about our short notice wedding offering.

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