For the past couple of years, our family has started our own family tradition by celebrating Christmas in July. Why? Because it’s fun – and any excuse to get out our Santa hats and Christmas crackers is good enough for us.

This all started two years ago, I decided to have some fun while my husband was at work. I got out our Christmas tree, ornaments, Santa hats, and our Christmas decorations. When he got home, the house was alive with the sounds of the Christmas season. At first he thought I had gone nuts, it did not take him long to join in and enjoy the festivities.

Christmas in July was first made popular by the 1940s movie of the same name. While celebrating the “holiday” is not nationally recognized, it’s very popular in my house.

Every year in July we get out some of our decorations, our tree, and Santa hats, to celebrate Christmas in July. Every year we bump it up a notch so this year I am planning on getting a couple of small gifts for the tree.

Now, if you have been envious of our Northern Hemisphere friends’ cold, Christmassy weather and if you love the idea of a cold weather Christmas, then for us Southern Hemisphere dwellers, July is the perfect season to be merry. Get ready for a cold weather treat. Get ready for Christmas in July! (cue festive music and the sound of jingle bells).

To help you out, we’ve found the best place to celebrate an early Christmas. So drop what you are doing, head down to Glenburn Lodge & Spa for their Christmas in July Dinner Dance on Saturday 21 July, and enjoy your most relaxing and fun Christmas ever!

So from our family to yours, Merry Christmas in July!

CLICK HERE to see Glenburn Lodge’s Christmas in July offer
CLICK HERE to have a look at our Chrismtas in July Menu

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