Knocking on wood and carrying a rabbit’s foot…that is just two superstitions we’ve heard of for having good luck. Do you have any superstitions? Has anything out of the ordinary happened to you on a Friday the 13th ?

Let me tell you what happened to me… I can’t remember what year it was, but what I can remember was that at that stage I was working for an events company in Kimberley. On this particular Friday the 13th I was working at a function for some or other company in the area.  At the end of the evening as I got in the company vehicle that was so much bigger than what I was use to driving… and then it happened! Bang!! I ended up reversing into another car and managed to rip off the entire back bumper!

This car looked as if it came out of a war zone and my company car did not have as much as a scratch or a dent. I was devastated to see what I had just done and got out of my car on wobbly knees to find out whose car I had just damaged. To make matter worse this car belonged to the host of the evening – as you can imagine he was not too happy as this happened to his brand new car – but was however very graceful about the whole matter. We exchanged information and everything ended up working out just fine.

But I will always think back to that Friday the 13th and it’s the one thing I can think of out of the ordinary that’s happened to me. This Friday the 13th I am spoiling myself with a wonderful winter warmer package at the Askari Game Lodge & Spa in Magaliesburg where you can stay-over for 2 nights for only R1050 per person per night and the rate includes dinner, bed & breakfast.


The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of Melaney Rose


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