fairway hotel, Sustainability


The Fairway Hotel, Spa & Golf Resort has announced “THE FINAL STRAW” initiative To protect the environment, this initiative will put an end to the customary serving of plastic straws, and they will be offering compostable paper straws to guests upon request. Further measures to raise consumer awareness will include displays and signage in public areas, with the tagline #thefinalstraw

“Plastic straws are now a major source of plastic pollution, and as they are not recyclable they mostly end up being discarded in landfill or in our oceans” says Christopher Trimble, General Manager of the Fairway Hotel. He further adds “our aim is to conduct business more responsibly, especially environmentally, and we’ll continue with initiatives such as THE FINAL STRAW.”

“The Fairway Hotel use approximately 12,000 plastic straws a year, our goal is to reduce the usage and waste of plastic straws that go into the landfill”. Trimble added, THE FINAL STRAW initiative is in line with the Fairway Hotels’ strategies to achieve excellence, to be committed to the environment through corporate social responsibility. By removing plastic straws from our hotel we are taking a small but significant step in playing our part in reducing the volume of plastic that damages our environment and wildlife.

Guvon Hotels & Spas has a responsibility and opportunity to be a force for good in all aspects of our business. Incorporating environmental and social initiatives like this one into our business is the right thing to do” says Sales & Marketing Director, Grant Sandham. Our sales & marketing team will join the effort and encourage event organisers and clients to embrace sustainable living by offering alternatives to reduce single-use plastic and go green throughout the meetings or events held at the Fairway Hotel. Sandham further said that they are in the proses of implementing THE FINAL STRAW throughout the entire group.

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