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September sees many activities taking place! Flowers are blooming, trees are sprouting, the birds are singing and everyone is getting outdoors more as the weather warms up and sun shines brightly. It is the season of renewal and hope for a great spring and summer ahead. It is also Arbour month – that means time to return to our roots & celebrate trees. Trees are awesome in so many ways and are of importance by brings positive benefits into our lives.

The concept of a national “Arbour Day” in South Africa developed from the 1973 Green Heritage Campaign, which called for the annual celebration of a “Tree of the Year”. The former Department of Forestry obtained approval to establish an Arbour Day in 1982, and this was first celebrated in South Africa in 1983. The value of trees is quite underestimated. Many might just consider their aesthetic contribution to our environment but it goes far beyond that. Trees help to cut soil erosion. They help to save energy. They provide shade and keep the environment cooler. They improve air and water quality; through photosynthesis, they give off oxygen which we need to breathe; not to mention – they bear fruits and provide building materials.

During National Arbour Month, two specific trees are celebrated; one common species and one rare one. This year the common species is the Breede River Yellowwood (Podocarpus elongatus) , and the rare species is the Shepherd’s Tree (Boscia albitrunca)

This month, as you take a moment to enjoy spring, remember to give a nod to those trees around you. They are hard at work daily to make your life better. During September, help us in celebrating Arbour Month. There are so many ways to celebrate ‘plant a tree day’ : walk in the park, hug a tree, water a tree, or even plant a tree & remember that you are always welcome to help us plant trees anywhere and anytime at Guvon Hotels & Spas. Happy Arbour Month and keep planting treesl!

How to plant a tree in six easy steps (click)


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