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Competitors from across Guvon Hotels went for glory and bragging rights at the Olympics — that is the Housekeeping Olympics earlier this month at the Fairway Hotel & Spa. We might not have witnessed the astonishing achievements of Usain Bolt or Michael Phelps, but Olympians success of a very different kind was celebrated. The event honours “the heart of the house” by gathering housekeeping teams from across Guvon Hotels & Spas for fun, friendly competitions that associates look forward to year after year.

In these modern times hard labour often goes unseen… Such as what has happened with hotel housekeeping, a phantom profession where only errors are noticed. This was put to an end when the housekeepers at Guvon Hotels & Spas geared up for a big battle. Those vacuum cleaners, bed sheets and towels which they have been deftly wielding, folding and distributing has become their apparatus in an annual showdown, better known as the Housekeeping Olympics.

Housekeeping teams from Askari Lodge, Glenburn Lodge & Fairway Hotel, gathered to show off their skills. Teams competed in ten events: Vacuuming, Towel folding, Dust mop relay, Trolley Dash, Buffer Toss, Spray bottle shooting, Toilet paper tower, pillow stuffing, Peacock towel art and make up a room.


The different teams paraded around with various colours and props and the Fairway Team even had a large banner showcasing their excitement for their team. The venues were abuzz with excitement at the competition. “This is a special event for the housekeepers, our unsung heroes and we want to make this a fun time with friends and co-workers. The idea behind the day is mostly about taking the time to stop and recognize the hardest working men and women in the Hospitality Industry,” Tim Dutch, Rooms Division Manager at the Fairway Hotel said. “Our housekeeping staff are the backbone of our business, and this event is just one small way to recognize and say thank you for all that these dedicated individuals do to keep our operations humming around the clock.”

“The Housekeeping Olympics is about fun for the housekeepers, property management and spectators alike” said Christopher Trimble, General Manager at the Fairway Hotel. “It’s great to see what pride and dedication our housekeepers have in their jobs and the friendly rivalries that have grown between our different properties. This is an excellent way to show our appreciation to staff that doesn’t always get enough recognition.”

Cheering and applause at the Garden Sanctuary and Chapel could be heard all the way to the main building, while the parade of teams showed off costumes that identified their represented hotels. Leon Bosch, Operations Director at Guvon Hotels & Spas, said that the level of pride and camaraderie among the participants is indicative of the industry they represent. “The housekeeping staff is the unsung and forgotten heroes, as they clean between 10 to 15 rooms per day, including toilets and beds, depending on the size of the room. It’s because of their dedication and passion that we have a highly successful industry” Bosch said.

3 vacuums, carpets and a lot of confetti welcomed the participants to their first game and all 3 gave their best effort to get their carpet the cleanest in the fastest time as shouts and claps rose from the crowd. Between competitions, other team members had a chance to show off their artistic skills, performing dance and singing routines! Then it was the linen room attendants turn – to fold as many different size towels as fast and neatly as possible and have them stacked like it would be in their linen rooms.

After four hours of stiff competition, the event concluded on the same festive note that it started. This year, The Fairway Hotel took first place in the overall competition category, while second place went to the Glenburn Lodge with a one point difference and newbies to the games Askari Lodge came in third. “There are no winners or losers,” Leon Bosch, told the audience. “The winner is the hospitality industry.”



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