Guvon Hotels, Kloofzicht Lodge & Spa


What do wealthy private-equity executives, hedge fund dealers, entrepreneurs and celebrities have in common aside from a very healthy bank balance? Butlers off course.

I met with an old friend the other day. Single, successful and extremely hard working. She said puts in the hours she does, because one day she wants to have her own butler and driver. None of the retirement village nonsense of being driven around in a kombi with other blue rinses and false teeth. Rather think “Driving Miss Daisy” meets James Bond. That would be more accurate.

Kloofzicht Lodge & Spa steps up the game with their the Royal Suite that is aimed at luxurious, exclusive getaways and conferences.

Feeling like a treat? The Royal Suite butler, chef and Spa therapists are just a nod away.

“The word butler derives from the old French bouteillier” and identified the cup-bearer or the one in charge of the bottles in large households”, the famous Netherlands-based Butler School reports on their website. Interestingly, the same site reports the number of professional butlers worldwide to be well into a few million, as estimated by The International Guild of Professional. The Guild itself has some 10 000 active members from around the world.

At Kloofzicht Lodge the private butler is tasked with simplifying your stay in all manners possible from assisting with drink orders, food service and general help with setting up the fire pit or Jacuzzi for a relaxing experience.

All meals and themed dinners can be prepared in the Royal Suite with wine and whiskey tastings as a lovely option for evening or other entertainment. Back, neck and shoulder massages, full body massages, the Express Spa Skin Care Facial, manicures and pedicures are also available in the comfort of your own room.

Dressed in the thematic thatch of the country lodge, the Royal Suite is set at the furthest point of the lodge, overlooking the Kloofzicht Dam. Its humble entrance belies the opulence to follow, as it opens up onto the most magnificent view of the Zwartkop Mountain and waters.

Two bedrooms open onto the superb views and are linked with the lounge and dining area. The bathrooms boast outside showers for those balmy summer nights. Fluffy robes, towels and hotel amenities add to the lavish experience.

The Royal Suite is totally private and although only 30 minutes from Johannesburg or Pretoria central, it literally feels like another world. The only ‘disturbance’ may be the occasional buck sipping from the water’s edge or a curious giraffe passing by.

The Royal Suite is available for conferencing as part of a 24hour conference package.

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