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You normally don’t see a lot of facial hair on the men that work at Guvon Hotels & Spas, but November is a different story. “Movember” as it has become known, encourages staff members to grow their best moustaches to bring awareness to men’s health issues.


You might ask how growing a moustache is going to bring awareness to men’s health issues. When someone grows a new moustache, people take notice & this creates a conversation, which in turn generates awareness on the health issues men face. Awareness then prompts people to take action. That is the goal!


Who knew, that the moustache would come back in such a big way? Moustaches (& beards) have now become a fashion fixture from the subway to the red carpet. The idea of growing a moustache & change the face of men’s health, was created in Australia in 2003. Movember (a word combination between “mo” and “November”) was brought to life as a charity to improve men’s health through spreading knowledge on serious issues, such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention.

“At the Fairway Hotel, Spa & Golf Resort our employees’ enthusiasm for Movember was triggered when we were looking for a fun way for the hotel to support a good cause. We have always been involved in some capacity with good causes, and Movember is a ground-breaking programme that casts the spotlight on this epidemic”, said Guvon Hotels & Spas Operations Director, Leon Bosch. Already a Movember veteran, Bosch thought men’s health was a perfect fit given our approach to wellness.


Guests and staff of The Fairway Hotel had fun donning fetching moustaches and wrapping trees in blue in support of November It’s the same concept as what we have been doing in October for female cancer support when the trees were wrapped in pink. Our aim for next year is to make a much bigger impact by wrapping trees along Republic Road.


Emmanuel Pietersen, MC for the event said, “There is so much attention and events placed on breast, cervical and ovarian cancer, and sometimes male forms of cancer get neglected when it comes to its awareness. This is why Movember is so important, as it makes people talk about the issue.


“We need to let men know that it is okay to talk about things like their sexual health and cancer. A lot of men fall victim to the ‘I’m fine syndrome’ or the ‘cowboys don’t cry syndrome’, and are too afraid to get tested for fear of being perceived as weak. So many men are remarkably ignorant about their health” said Andrew Oberholzer of the Prostate Cancer Foundation of South Africa.


The hotel set up a variety of fun and interactive activities related to the cause, including ‘bra pong’, where guests throw ping-pong balls into hanging bras to score points. All drinks for the event were sponsored by South African Breweries, and guests were also treated to blue gin and tonic cocktails on entry. The afternoon was concluded with beers & burgers at Roundabout bar while being entertained by Jason & the Jammers, a band comprising South African artists Jason Oosthuizen of Van Coke Kartel, Chris van der Walt of the Black Cat Bones, Werner Bosman of the Jesse Clegg band, Clint Falconer of the Dan Patlansky band, and Marcel Dalmayda of the Voice SA.


The Movember experience fit us like a trusty glove – so this November, it’s not just Bosch who’s growing his Mo, a few more gents from Guvon’s hotels – from restaurants to kitchens are setting down their razors and rocking the moustache that make a difference.

Who says we can’t stay well and have fun doing it? We’re stoked to know the answer is right under our noses.

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