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Weddings all have their own story to tell, with each happy couple creating their own magical memories. Each season holds a magical allure but as Spring brings sweetness, Summer has warmth and Autumn has colour, but Winter is a magical time of the year

Winter weddings are a romantic occasion with rich sumptuous colours & roaring log fires. Just imagine a sparkling glimmer of frost outside and crisp linen napkins laid on beautiful white linen table cloths finished with soft gentle candlelight inside

As fewer weddings usually take place during these chilly months, yours will naturally stand out, and there are so many wonderful ways to embrace the season!

Here, are a few things you can only get away with at a winter wedding.

Cost Saving
First off the cost-saving benefits associated with mid-year weddings means more funds available for other décor features, while the extravagant outfits that come out in the colder months make for a truly majestic scene.

The competition for sought after venues in peak season can be ruthless. And let’s face it, who needs the extra stress when you’re planning one of the biggest days of your life? One of the greatest benefits of a winter wedding, is that you have little to no competition for your perfect venue.

It’s not just the venues that have more availability in the winter, but there’s the photographer, the band and even your guests – you don’t have to worry about half of your friends and family being on their summer holidays!

Photo finish
Warm woollen blankets, elaborate throws and fluffy coats can make stunning props for your special day photographs; just make sure to plan ahead with your photographer. And it’s worth checking the time of sunset as daylight hours are shorter, meaning less time for photographs.

Are you sold yet? No worries if not, we’ve got more perks for you at Guvon Hotels & Spas

Something different
Everyone wants their wedding to be memorable! What better way to ‘say I do” when no one else is getting married? Yours won’t just be another wedding, you would have created a memorable winter wedding that will leave your guests with goose bumps — for all the right reasons

Light it up
The shorter days and longer nights lend themselves to the illuminating glow of warm fireplaces, candles and fairy lights which always create an enticingly romantic atmosphere.

‘Woodn’t’ it be nice?
Incorporating wood as elegant décor works brilliantly against the icy translucence of the winter wedding. Twig-infused centrepieces and woodpile backdrops make for an inviting feel while natural evergreen foliage creates a rustic look replacing overdone chair covers. For that final touch, cinnamon sticks and winter berries can be combined as chic organic napkin ring alternatives

Make it Snow….make it snow…make it snow
Okay, so you can’t actually control the weather (and you probably wouldn’t want a snowstorm to hit on your wedding day!). But you can make “it snow” as you walk down the aisle. Rent a snow machine to give the illusion of snow…this will give off such a magical feeling and create just the right effect

Get cozy all wrapped up
When it comes to dressing for the occasion, think outside the box. Wrap yourself in a faux fur stole and wear chunkier heals or even boots to better cope with the cooler weather. Dressing you and your bridal party for winter doesn’t have to be dowdy – keep it sophisticated and practical to

Toasty beverages
An awesome alternative to the summer gin bar is a hot chocolate bar that is suitable for all ages. Set up a station for your guests, with all the delicious accompaniments, mini marshmallows, chocolate dipped strawberries and sprinkles, whipped cream and a splash of rum or Amarula.

Baby it’s cold outside
While photographs are being taken and there is mingling among guests, consider leaving some soft, fleecy blankets around for them to snuggle up. Warm guests are happy guests. It’s also worth having someone on coat check duty to add a touch of class.

Your perfect life together starts with us! At Guvon Hotels & Spas we are always looking at ways to bring tantalising wedding deals that will help lessen the financial burden of your special day.

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