Groupon may have left the country, but I have definitely become a voucher kind of girl.

While Groupon made friends with bargain-seeking clients (who mostly stuck around for the one promotion) and made enemies of suppliers who were hung out to dry after massive discounts, there is another voucher scheme going. The old-school honest kind where you pay a specified amount and receive a great experience in return. Simple always win.



  • DONT, I repeat DO NOT, buy roses. Any florist out there will tell you (or maybe they won’t) that roses are heavily marked up for Valentine’s day, because of demand and supply issues.
  • Instead of buying cut flowers, why not invest in a  flower or other plant – plant it together, say a blessing and watch it grow as you shower it with water and love throughout the year. Married couples, we know you are in for the long run, so invest in a beautiful fruit tree. If married life gets tough you will always have lemons to go with the Tequila.  Click here for 24 Glorious Ways To Drink More Tequila.
  • Home-cooked breakfast in bed is always a good idea. Same goes for lunch or dinner.
  • Buy each other vouchers – it may seem less romantic but hey, what if she really needs a pair of Woollies knickers more than a box of imported chocolates?
  • Gents, I have three words for you: Massage, massage, massage. If food is the way to a man’s heart, so do the words massage and Spa light the flicker of love in any girls eye. Stress not if this is not your area of expertise because once again the lovely voucher comes to mind. For great Valentines Spa ideas, click here, and yes,  vouchers are available. Always.

Happy Valentine’s to all, and let the secretive planning be part of the fun.

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Perfect proposal spots. Waterfalls and wooden decks.

I can imagine that a bunch of guys are busy giving themselves peptalks, with Valentines just a few days away: “Yes you can do it. Ask her. It’s now or never!” Or perhaps being a leap year the Cinderella slipper is on the other foot. I know a bunch of gutsy girls and I have faith in you: Just do it!

PKP_6747 Glenburn (Medium) - Copy

Glenburn Lodge & Spa has just sent me two beautiful photos – wouldn’t you love to propose on this wooden deck or on the hanging bridge with monkeys chattering in the background and the river murmuring beneath you. Yes, I thought you would like it.

Call Shanè Vermaak on Tel 011 668 1600 – she can make it happen for you!

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Glenburn Lodge & Spa is a proud member of the Guvon Hotels & Spas portfolio